iPROMISE offers Bioinformatics analysis of sequencing data generated from both prokaryotic and eukaryotic samples. Currently, our pipelines have suited for the elucidating in depth information in both small and large genomes, whether in singular or multiple samples. Customers may choose to consult us in order to acquire an optimal approach for their bioinformatics-related projects.

 We provide de novo assembly of small genomes, and alignment of genomes of various sizes. Our resources also enable the mapping of sequencing reads to large reference genome.

Our pipelines offer the detection and analysis of different variants occurring within a sample genome. Customers may choose to target specific types of variations, or screen for any and all changes in the target genome sequence.

We provide the analysis of metagenomes to acquire the relative abundance of different bacteria within a sample. Our pipeline also allows for the annotation of the metagenomes, providing an overview of the different genes present.

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