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The Integrative Systemic Biology Centre (ISBC) is the combination of the multidisciplinary research facets within iPROMISE.
The group (now centre) was initially focused on pharmacogenomics analysis of the local population, which has quickly evolved into interdisciplinary projects upon the acquisition of high-end genomics (GAII-X and miseq) and metabolomics (LCMS/MS Q-TOF and Triple Quadropole LC/MS System) machines in 2011 and 2015.

Research Direction

The centre is mainly focused on:

  1. Genotyping and whole-genome analysis of the Malaysian population, targeting various markers for health and fitness.
  2. Analysis of the indigenous Orang Asli whole-genome in regards to health, population sustainability, and migration patterns in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Centre.
  3. Whole-genome analysis of clinical pathogens and environmental isolates in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Centre.
  4. Development of kits for allele identification in humans.
  5. Development of kits for detection of pathogens in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Centre.
  6. Providing metabolomics analysis services.

Research Scope:

  1. Human genomics and metabolomics.

Research directed towards the understanding of health status of human samples through the use of the in-house genome sequencing and metabolomics platforms.

  1. Animal studies

Research directed towards understanding the effects of animal models perturbated with varying variables (e.g. infection, probiotic supplementation, stress, and addiction).

  1. Natural products

Research directed towards understanding the components of local natural products as well as their effects on in vivo and in vitro models.

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