iPROMISE offers sequencing and resequencing services through the illumina MiSeq sequencer. With 300bp read lengths, ~25 million reads and a maximum 15GB output per run, the Miseq is suitable for genomics studies such as amplicon and small genome sequencing. Our facilities guarantee a 3 month return of data output, and subsequent downstream analysis is available. The service is tailored according to customer needs.

 Services NGS 01 DNA Sequencing.

 Exome sequencing

 Small whole-genomes
 De novo

Services NGS 02

16s and shot-gun metagenomics

 Bacterial identification
 Microbiome studies

RNA - Seq

 Gene expression studies
 Detection of novel transcripts

Services NGS 04

Targeted Sequencing

 Targeted RNA sequencing
 Targeted resequencing

Services NGS 05

Small RNA-Seq

 Discovery & profiling
 Differential sRNA expression
 Novel miRNA discovery
 small non-coding RNA discovery

Services NGS 06

Amplicon Sequencing

 Customized panel

Sample requirements

  • DNA must be at a concentration of >60 ng/ul.
  • DNA volume must be a minimum of 55ul.
  • The buffer must be of 10 mM Tris/ 1mM EDTA.
  • The total amount of DNA required is 3.3ug or greater (55ul at >60ng/ul).
  • OD 260/280 must be between 1.8 and 2.0.
  • OD 260/230 must be between 2.0 to 2.2.





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