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The LCMS/MS Q-TOF (Agilent Technologies 6520, Santa Clara, CA, USA) system is capable of delivering unmatched mass accuracy, mass resolution and speed for metabolomics, proteomics, product degradation and other complex experiments.
 Service   Type of sample   Expected result 

• Tissue sample
• Bacterial sample
• Cell culture sample

  • Raw dara (*.d)
• Analysis
   - P-value
   - Fold change value
   - Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
   - Clustering analysis
Exact mass detection    • Natural product (plant extract)
• Pure compound 

• Raw data (*.d)
• Compound report

Compound identification (MS/MS)   

• Bio fluids (plasma, serum, urine)
• Tissue sample
• Bacterial sample
• Cell culture sample
• Natural product
• Pure compound 

  • Raw (*.d)
• Compound report 




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