No. Form Format
1. Permohonan Pengeluaran Barang Stor .pdf
2. Permohonan Cuti Rehat .pdf
3. Biodata Peribadi Pelajar .pdf



iPROMISE internal ethics (Animal & human) meeting will be held on the first week of each month.
Applicants are required to submit the UiTM Care Application Form by the end of each month.

 * Only applicable for lecturers/students of iPROMISE
No. Form Format
1. Application for Ethics Approval .doc
2. Ethical Issues Questionnaire .doc
3. Subjects Information Sheets and Consent Form .doc
4. Checklist for Applicants .doc
5. REC Flow Chart .doc



We also have a large collection of chemical database in various format.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Muhd Hanis Md Idris (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further details.


4. iPROMISE Booklet

No. Form Format
1. International Seminar 2017 Boooklet .pdf
2. iPROMISE 2018 Booklet .pdf

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